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Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe how trained and smart Bear was when we got him home and he was already potty trained except for two accidents and off leash trained. He fits is great with our family and we couldn't be happier!!! Thank you!!!!


Darla has been such a joy to have in our family. Jessica has remained a friend even after the adoption.


Great Professional Seller Jessica is very informative and professional every step of the way. You cannot ask for a better experience. Thank you again Jessica’s pups and friends. Satisfied Customer!


I LOVE MY BICHPOO I picked up my bichpoo boy last week at almost 12 weeks old (from the same litter as Theodore, Paddington, Alfie). Jessica did an amazing job with the off-leash training and he basically heels the entire time we are outside walking around the house. He sleeps through the night, is so sweet and affection, and smart (learned "sit" in 5 min, no joke), and he is not yappy or barky. Last but not least, HE IS THE MOST ADORABLE PUPPY EVER AND HE IS GETTING CUTER EVERY DAY. If you want proof of his cuteness, he's on Instagram (@sit.ollie.sit). I was on the fence about getting another puppy because the one I got a year ago (but ended up losing in my divorce) was such a handful that the first 6 months with her were MISERABLE. Of course any puppy requires a lot of work, but this one has made it as easy as possible and I have zero doubts it was the right choice. I love him so much.


Professional and genuine service She got me and my wife a bichon poo a year ago and was kind enough to bring the pup to us where we could play with him and get to know him. She was very open about his vaccination and medical history and available to help with anything else we needed. Will recommend to a friend!


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