Health Guarantee

Health Guarantee – 10 Year Warranty

Health Guarantee
10 Year Warranty

Important First Steps

Change of environment, surroundings, separation from siblings, and a new family can be stressful to your puppy and can have a serious impact on your puppy’s immediate health, especially during the first 10 days in their new environment. If you notice any signs of stress: such as a change in attitude, appetite, bowel movements, lack of bowel movement, or any other symptoms, please contact us immediately at 704-441-5009 and/or your local veterinarian.

Initial Health Guarantee

Jessica’s Pups guarantees to the original adopting individual that your puppy is healthy at the time of adoption and free from the following infectious diseases: Parvovirus, Distemper, Hepatitis, Coronavirus for a period of 10 days from the date of taking possession. Should your veterinarian diagnosis any of the above diseases within the 10-day period after taking possession you must notify us immediately at 704-441-5009. At your option, we will replace or refund the puppy.

10 Year Congenital Warranty

The 10-year congenital warranty requires that you have had your puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within the first 10 days of taking possession and have kept your puppy under regular veterinarian care. If the above conditions are met, Jessica’s Pups warrants to the original adopting individual (the warranty is not transferable) the following: If within the first 3-year period your puppy is diagnosed with a life threatening, congenital disorder, we will offer a replacement puppy of equivalent or lesser value at no cost to you. If within the remaining 7 years, your puppy is diagnosed with a life-threatening congenital disorder, we will offer you a replacement puppy of equivalent or lesser value at a 50% discount.


  • Non-life-threatening conditions examples: inguinal and umbilical hernias, retained testicles, recessed vulva, and cherry eyes.
  • X-rays without prior approval.
  • Grade 1 or 2 luxating patella
  • Parasites such as giardia, coccidia, or other common types of parasites except as outlined above and diagnosed within the specific timeframes.
    Respiratory infections
  • Low blood sugar (hypo-glycemia). This is preventable and it is your responsibility to make sure your puppy is eating enough.
  • Diagnostics related to grade 1 or 2 heart murmurs.
  • Any infectious diseases contracted after date of sale.
  • Allergies
  • Malocclusions – (crooked teeth placement) As your puppy grows and develops the teeth are ever changing and it can be difficult to predict their final placement. Due to this, we do not cover any costs associated with any dental or bite abnormalities or vet bills associated with your puppy’s teeth.
  • Any diagnostic tests without prior approval.
  • Any claims or vet bills other than medication reimbursements as described above.

Acceptance of goods: Buyer understands that there are not any guarantees of hypoallergenic qualities, breeding qualities, show qualities or in final size or disposition of any pet whether expressed or implied. Buyer agrees that upon delivery of puppy to them or local pick-up of puppy by them, that they have carefully examined puppy and accepts puppy as is with regard to physical appearance and breed conformation. Buyer understands and agrees that under no circumstances will any claim be made by buyer with regards to any DNA test results or opinion disputing breed. These tests are for informational purposes and not intended to determine or validate whether a particular dog is purebred or the make-up of a particular dog and buyer agrees to hold seller harmless from any such claims.

In the case of sudden death: A necropsy will be required to file a warranty claim to determine cause of death.

Jessica’s Pups believes all dogs should be in a home. Therefore, if you are unable to keep your dog or find your dog another home you are to contact us to relinquish your dog or bring him or her back to us so that we can find a home for him or her. We do not allow our dogs to be relinquished into any shelters or rescue groups.

We do not offer cash refunds other than the initial 10-year health guarantee as noted above. Jessica’s Pups reserves the right to update and/or modify this warranty at any time with or without notice

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